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About Me

Scarlett Wells grew up in west Tennessee. Homeschooled through the eighth grade, she was encouraged to work with fabric from a young age. Her first project on the sewing machine, a button-up shirt with a collar and matching pair of shorts, was completed at age six. After medical retirement from the Armed Forces in 2004, Scarlett received her Bachelor of Science in History Education in 2006 from Illinois State University. She taught high school history and psychology for four years after graduation.

In 2010, Scarlett chose to fulfill her high school dream of working in business and began a small online boutique as a seamstress. By the spring of 2012, her business transitioned to an online fabric store. In August of 2014, she formally opened a brick and mortar quilt shop.

Currently, Scarlett owns and operates The Fabric Cobbler, Ltd, in Forsyth, Illinois. The quilt shop is a source of pride in the community and a place for sewists and quilters to find the best fabric for miles. The staff of The Fabric Cobbler enjoy the interaction with clients and most especially love getting acquainted with our regular clients. Each customer is important to our staff and many feel as if they are family. 

Scarlett's sewing and quilting talents include pattern designing, teaching, sewing nearly all of the clothes worn by her children and herself, as well as intricate quilting. 

From Left to Right: Niklas, age 14, in the 8th grade; Liam, Kristal's twin,  who,  along with his twin sister, are in the 7th grade. (pictures need updated but they are few and far between these days as the older they grow, the less they'll consent to their pictures being taken!)

All three kids are headlong into the teenage stage of life in which they are exploring the sports, gaming, and other worlds that help them decide who they want to be and what place they hold in this world. Each of them have a strong system of personal values, independent thoughts of mind, and firm world views. These days, I'm more of a personal taxi cab between school, sporting events, and friend time! 

All of my children are my heroes. Each is amazing in their own right.

Scarlett Wells, Owner
Contact Us
        • PHONE: 217-330-9110
        • Email:
        • 324 E. Ruehl Street
        • Forsyth, IL 62535
        • Store Hours:
        • Monday, Wednesday, Thursday - 8 a.m. - 4 p.m.
          • Tuesday and Friday - 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.
        • Saturday - 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.
      • Sunday - closed unless otherwise announced on the Facebook business page.
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